We love our sling.

November 9, 2007

If you know anyone who is having a baby, tell them to look into slings. We love ours. It’s great for walks and getting stuff done around the house. Plus, we should be able to use it well past his first birthday.

Doesn’t Matt look like he should be in a commericial?


One Response to “We love our sling.”

  1. Cody Says:

    We tried the sling thing, but Sylvia was to big for the cheaper version, plus she threw a fit. I figure if we purchased the higher priced ones it would work but we have other things we need to buy her. The first would be a new car seat because she is too big for the one we have now, I give it about a month and I won’t be able to buckle her into the one we have now. Anyway Jonah looks great I can’t wait to meet him at x-mas time. Hope everything is well with Matt and yourself. Happy Thanksgiving, if I do not talk to you before then.

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