January 15, 2008

At Jonah’s four-month checkup, the doctor said he could feel teeth budding underneath Baby J’s bottom gum. But he thought it would probably be a few more weeks or even months before they emerged. WRONG!

He was chewing on a toy today and suddenly I noticed a little blood on his chin. At first, I was worried he’d cut himself somehow…so I took him to the bathroom to check things out. Sure enough, a tiny sliver of a tooth can be felt on his bottom gum.

Matt said it’s pretty visible when you look down on it from behind his head. And we thought his fussiness and constant nursing had to do with the cold he is battling…looks like the teething has officially begun.

One Response to “Teething!!”

  1. Joanne Says:

    That’s probably what his “cold” was when we were there. Sylvia was stuffy and kind of out of it when she first started teething too.

    Get a little rubber baby tooth “brush”. She loves it!

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