Another check-up

May 29, 2008

We visited the doctor today for Jonah’s 9-month check up. Waited a full hour in the exam room to see our pediatrician…which…was…fun.

The report: Jonah’s very healthy. He’s a lean little guy at just 19.5 pounds (38th percentile), but tall at 28.75 inches long (67th percentile). And he still has a freakin’ huge head! (90th percentile)

He’s been exhibiting signs of separation anxiety lately – which the doctor says is right on cue and should peak at about 12 months before easing off. He’s only a little nervous around strangers, when either Mom or Dad is in the room, but if we try to leave him — let the screaming begin! It’s terrible at night, when he refuses comfort from Matt.

The doc says that with the nighttime stuff, we should give in — or the problem will just get worse. But during the day, we need to encourage him to play by himself.

So! If anyone has good ideas on “encouraging” a very mobile 9-month-old to play independently (without chasing me into the next room) I’d love to hear them! 🙂


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