Now he’s really, really walking….

July 14, 2008

Jonah started really walking this weekend. And by really walking, I mean that he’s now choosing it as his mode of transportation. Previously he’d walk only if it required, say, five or fewer steps. Now he’ll just take off — walking into the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

It’s a little scary because it means our “Jonah watch” has to intensify a bit — at least for a while. When I was at a baby shower Saturday and he repeatedly made a teetering break for a door leading outside, through which he could see the family’s pool. He was walking on a tile floor, heading toward a door with several concrete steps downward. I could literally SEE images of his little nose being bloodied on the tile floor.

The best part? When he walks, it’s typically with both hands in the air (for balance, I’m assuming) and it sort-of resembles Matt after he’s had too much to drink (a few steps in THIS direction, then a few steps in THAT direction…).

Working on getting a video soon!


One Response to “Now he’s really, really walking….”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hey are we on for Thursday night? Let me know. I cannot believe he is walking already. 🙂 YEAH

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