August 22, 2008

We’ve been teaching Jonah a little bit of sign language — mostly just to help him and us feel less frustrated until his language skills catch up with his motor skills. We recently taught him a few that have proved incredibly helpful.

In addition to his staple of “more,” “all done,” and “nurse,” he recently learned “please” and a modified version of the sign for “help.” So now instead of getting mad about something he can’t quite do, he’ll just look at one of us and sign “help.” It’s SO nice.

He’s also picked up a few new words…”Bub Bub” (Bubbles) and “Dhat” (That?) has become a daily ones now. We’ve also heard, “tree” and a strung together “whatisit?” He also says “duck” and “stuck” (as in the straw is stuck in the glass or the toy is stuck to the ground). Those two sound an awful lot alike so you gotta listen closely. 🙂

The best part is that he’s starting to make little mini sentences, combining signs and words. Yesterday, he said “Bub Bub” while signing “please.”

It’s so nice to know more about what’s going on in that little head of his!


Matt took these…

August 21, 2008

Jonah is BIG into opening and closing doors. Who wouldn’t be??

Playing at the fountains

August 15, 2008

A outdoor shopping plaza near our house has a great fountain for kids. Here are photos from two different visits.





Eatin’ Yogurt

August 15, 2008

He’s getting pretty good at feeding himself with a spoon…don’t you think? 🙂




Reading with Dad

August 14, 2008

Jonah loves, loves, loves his books. Every day we go through his entire selection at least once. He’s gotten so he’ll predict the noises we associate with the pages and make them before we even get the page turned. (i.e. elephant says…, owl says…)

At the pool

August 14, 2008

Our local pool offers a toddler time, which is great for little ones who could get knocked around when the big kids play.

Here’s Jonah in front of the play equipment:


And here’s the picture my friend Rachel and I tried to get of our little ones…her 16-month-old, Alexandria, REALLY didn’t want to sit still: