Jonah knows 12 words!

September 17, 2008

We had a visit from our Parents as Teachers educator yesterday and we made a list of the words Jonah knows and uses appropriately.

For those of you outside the state, Parents as Teachers is a wonderful, free program offered through our school district. It includes quarterly home visits from an trained educator who provides developmental screenings, vision and hearing screenings and tips on age-appropriate play and behavior issues.

Anyway, we discovered that Jonah knows and uses 12 words appropriately. He’s also got a handful of other words that he uses semi-appropriately and with varying degrees of understandability.

 It’s amazing how much 12 words and a few signs help in daily life. Jonah’s latest additions are “do” and “no, no.” He basically uses “do” in place of “yes.” It’s really cute because sometimes he’ll get VERY emphatic about it and will repeat it over and over until his desires are met or dismissed.

He has started to combine signs, sounds and words to make pseudo sentences. Today, when Matt drove off to work, Jonah waved “Bye, Bye” and then, still waving, turned to me and said, “Dada vrooom.” I said, “yup, J, Dada went bye, bye in the car.” His smile was priceless.


These are few older photos that we finally got around to looking at…

Jonah enjoying some naked swimming with cousin Maya

And a few photos from a recent weekend….we love visiting the City Market for fresh fruits and veggies.

More birthday photos…

September 17, 2008

Here are some pictures from our trip to Nebraska. We went back for a family wedding and to celebrate Jonah’s first birthday with Matt’s side of the family. Thanks to Teresa for sending us these pictures…it might be years before we get our film diposable camera developed.

Here’s Jonah with his presents….

Opening a gift from Aunt Melissa…

And chowing down on his cake — which he puked up about an hour later, poor kid.

And here is Jonah at the wedding with Lucie — Matt’s cousin’s little girl. She’s a cutie!

Finally! Some birthday photos

September 15, 2008

It’s taken me forever, but I’ve finally got some birthday photos to post. Here are a few from our party with friends, one from a brunch we had with my side of the family and a few from our trip to the park on his actual birthday. We forgot to bring our camera to Nebraska with us, so we don’t have any digital images of his party there. When we get them developed, we’ll post ’em.

This one is before the party got started. Check out the poor neglected dog!

“Here, let me help you with that….”

“I think I like the paper more than the present, Grandpa.”

And now for the cupcakes — Betsy’s foray into domesticity!

The next day, we had more cake! Jonah got a slice of homemade zucchini cake…Betsy’s second foray into domesticity! I know, we look a little rough. We were just a teensy bit hungover. “Jonah’s” party with our friends kept us partying til 2ish. 🙂

Here is our niece Maya showing us how she can hold baby Cami.

And now to the park. Jonah can’t swing on his own yet…but he likes to sit on the it anyway.

Matt and I bought our first car together…and it just so happens to be a minivan.

It’s a 2007 Toyota Sienna LE. We’re actually pretty dang excited about it — which, I think, is the part that pretty much confirms that we’re old.

Here’s some photos of the actual car from the dealership Web site. Still working on getting the birthday photos downloaded, edited and up here….I hope to get to them this weekend.

Jonah is 1!!

September 4, 2008

As most of you know, Jonah turned 1 on August 24. We had three parties for the little guy and I’m working on getting some photos up….hopefully by this weekend.

We had his 12 month visit at the doctors today and everything looks great. He’s a light little guy at just 21.2 pounds — 22nd percentile. But he’s on the tall side at 30.25 inches — 60th percentile. And his head is still in the 90th percentile.

We are being referred to an eye doctor to check out his vision. In photos, we’ve noticed that his left eye sometimes doesn’t seem to be as focused as the right. The doctor said she didn’t see anything wrong…but that it was important enough to get him checked out by the experts.

The doctor was impressed by how well he’s walking and by all the words he can say. Jonah kept saying “stuck” while we were in the exam room…it was pretty darn cute.

He’s sleeping off his vaccinations right now and we’re crossing our fingers that he won’t have another bad reaction. Today we elected to go ahead with the DTAP vaccine for the first time since his adverse reaction at 2 months old. He also had polio and pneumococcal today. We decided to delay the MMR until he is at least two years old.