Jonah knows 12 words!

September 17, 2008

We had a visit from our Parents as Teachers educator yesterday and we made a list of the words Jonah knows and uses appropriately.

For those of you outside the state, Parents as Teachers is a wonderful, free program offered through our school district. It includes quarterly home visits from an trained educator who provides developmental screenings, vision and hearing screenings and tips on age-appropriate play and behavior issues.

Anyway, we discovered that Jonah knows and uses 12 words appropriately. He’s also got a handful of other words that he uses semi-appropriately and with varying degrees of understandability.

 It’s amazing how much 12 words and a few signs help in daily life. Jonah’s latest additions are “do” and “no, no.” He basically uses “do” in place of “yes.” It’s really cute because sometimes he’ll get VERY emphatic about it and will repeat it over and over until his desires are met or dismissed.

He has started to combine signs, sounds and words to make pseudo sentences. Today, when Matt drove off to work, Jonah waved “Bye, Bye” and then, still waving, turned to me and said, “Dada vrooom.” I said, “yup, J, Dada went bye, bye in the car.” His smile was priceless.


One Response to “Jonah knows 12 words!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    This is so cute!! Can’t wait to hear things from Jonah on the next visit there or the next time you come back, which ever comes first.


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