Colorado: Day Three

October 22, 2008

I’m skipping Colorado: Day Two because those photos are on a different camera. On our second day at the resort, we visited Hot Sulphur Springs. I’m hoping to get to those photos this weekend.

Here are the photos from our first long hike. We hiked about 9 miles and climbed nearly 1,500 feet in elevation. Jonah was GREAT. We bought an Ergo carrier for the trip and he really enjoyed it. He fell asleep on my back for most of the hike down the mountain.

The first two photos are from our first snack break. We were only about a mile into the hike. We are heading around the meadow and up into the rocky terrain on the left-hand side of the photos.


The next two photos are higher up on the mountain. In the first, Matt is trying to get Jonah to drift off. And the second one Matt shot from an overlook point along the hike. In the second photo you can see the meadow where we rested and the lake (way off in the distance) where we parked the van.

In this last photo, we’re back in the meadow. Jonah had just woken up. On a side note, this hike instigated Jonah’s obsession with water. After this hike, throughout which we continually pointed out the stream and the waterfalls, he began to look for “ba ba” (his word for water) everywhere we went. Actually, he’s still doing it — even today when we went running in Parkville.


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