To the circus…

November 24, 2008

We recently had a chance to go the circus for free! Matt took the evening shift at work so he could come with us. The pictures are extremely blurry (because it was so dark) but they are pretty darn cute anyway. Jonah was FASCINATED…for about an hour. He spent almost the entire time leaning forward on the railing in front of us — just so he could get a better look. He also loved the snacks…we let him try some popcorn and opened a floodgate! He couldn’t get enough!






One Response to “To the circus…”

  1. karen Says:

    OK, so where is Mat working now? Night shift? isnt he still working at the paper. it obviously has been way too long that we have spoke. How is the freelancing going for you? I cannot get over Jonah and how he has grown. to think I have never got to ruffle that blonde hair. 😦 We had tickets to go to the circus as well but ended up being at the same time as our Vegas trip.
    Happy Thanksgiving….

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