Good Dads

April 16, 2009

I was sitting at lunch today with Jonah and I was thumbing through a book that someone bought us when we were expecting Jonah. The title, “Tips for Dads on Surviving Baby’s First Year.”

Jonah, who has been big on asking what things are, pointed and said, “That?”

I replied that it was a book on how to be a good Dad. Then, interested, I asked him the question.

“Jonah, what do good Dadas do?”

“Talk,” he replied.

“What else do good Dadas do?” I continued.

“Play,” he answered.

I continued posing the question to him and it turns that Good Dads do the following, in order:  Talk, Play, Hug, Kiss and Hold.

He answered all of the questions so seriously, with his little arms resting on the table.

Then I asked him if his Dada was a good Dad. He nodded emphatically and said, “Do!”


Send us your trash!

April 5, 2009

No, really!

If you have wrapping paper that you’ve about used up — send us the leftover cardboard tube. Or if you have a old hat that you might toss — save it for us.

Jonah is very, very into pretending! Right now, we have two old wrapping paper tubes in our living room (one is being held together by masking tape) and they are one of Jonah’s favorite play things.

So far, they’ve been used as horses to ride, snakes slithering on the floor, tubes to whisper through, spy glasses, horns, fire hoses and elephant trunks. His favorite right now is the elephant trunk — he’s so cute when he holds it up to his nose and walks around the house sniffing things.

We love that Jonah is embracing using a simple object as a plaything that has multiple uses. We’re hoping that he can continue, as he progresses through childhood and into adulthood, to think outside the box in this manner. I think it’s a skill that a lot of adults lack.

So! If you have a old cap, a big cardboard box or small piece of clothing that could be used for dress up….save it for us.

Jonah’s new bed

April 5, 2009

Baby Jonah is a baby no more. He slept for the first time in a twin bed last night. The bed, which we got from my folks, was actually my bed when I was young. It’s great for Jonah because it works with or without a box springs. So right now we have it on the box springs height, but with no box springs. He’s able to get in and out very easily and we have no worries about a fall. It’d only be a few inches.

So the night actually went very, very well. He only got up twice and went back to bed very easily. We’ll see if that trend continues.

He was so cute about the whole bed thing. He insisted on helping us put the bed together. (And in doing so, even dropped one of Matt’s allen wrenches into a screw hole on the bed post.) As soon as we had it up, we went out to let him pick out a set of sheets. At first, he couldn’t decide if he wanted blue or white. But once at the store, he went right for a perfect bright blue set.

We continually asked him if he wanted to sleep in his “old” bed (the crib) or his new bed throughout the evening and every time he insisted on sleeping in the new bed. And even when we rocked in our chair, which is now on the opposite end of the room as the bed, he repeatedly reached his little arm back behind him to point to the new bed. I think he was trying to make sure I didn’t forget!

I think our biggest challenge will be nap time, but all in all I think he was ready for this little taste of independence.

Jonah has been combining words for awhile now, saying things like “Big ball” and “Dada home,” but last night he said his first sentence: Subject, verb, noun.

And it just so happened to be at 2 a.m. He’s been having a terrible time sleeping these two nights. Last night, he kept telling me that there was a shark in the corner of his room. He’d say “shark” and then point to a corner. He would freak out whenever I tried to leave the room. Wouldn’t let Matt touch him.

As I’m trying to talk with him about it and I finally get to the heart of it. He said, “Shark bite Oscar.” (which actually sounded more like, “shar bite Osc.”) Turns out he was dreaming about the movie Shark Tale. Uncle Mike gave him the movie as a present for his first birthday and he has watched parts of it periodically with no problems since.

Then yesterday, something clicked in his brain. He didn’t nap long so I popped in the movie for 20 minutes to finish up some work I had to do. He didn’t want me to leave the room while he was watching. I thought he was just being clingy because he woke up early and was tired. Didn’t figure it out until the middle of the night that the movie scared him.

I have read that children can’t distinguish between reality and television until they are about three. I guess he just isn’t ready for movies like Shark Tales yet. From now on, in the interest of sleep, we’ll be sticking to Baby Einstein. Spinning tops and floating balls aren’t too scary. 🙂