Jonah’s first sentence was about a bad dream

April 2, 2009

Jonah has been combining words for awhile now, saying things like “Big ball” and “Dada home,” but last night he said his first sentence: Subject, verb, noun.

And it just so happened to be at 2 a.m. He’s been having a terrible time sleeping these two nights. Last night, he kept telling me that there was a shark in the corner of his room. He’d say “shark” and then point to a corner. He would freak out whenever I tried to leave the room. Wouldn’t let Matt touch him.

As I’m trying to talk with him about it and I finally get to the heart of it. He said, “Shark bite Oscar.” (which actually sounded more like, “shar bite Osc.”) Turns out he was dreaming about the movie Shark Tale. Uncle Mike gave him the movie as a present for his first birthday and he has watched parts of it periodically with no problems since.

Then yesterday, something clicked in his brain. He didn’t nap long so I popped in the movie for 20 minutes to finish up some work I had to do. He didn’t want me to leave the room while he was watching. I thought he was just being clingy because he woke up early and was tired. Didn’t figure it out until the middle of the night that the movie scared him.

I have read that children can’t distinguish between reality and television until they are about three. I guess he just isn’t ready for movies like Shark Tales yet. From now on, in the interest of sleep, we’ll be sticking to Baby Einstein. Spinning tops and floating balls aren’t too scary. 🙂


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