Jonah’s new bed

April 5, 2009

Baby Jonah is a baby no more. He slept for the first time in a twin bed last night. The bed, which we got from my folks, was actually my bed when I was young. It’s great for Jonah because it works with or without a box springs. So right now we have it on the box springs height, but with no box springs. He’s able to get in and out very easily and we have no worries about a fall. It’d only be a few inches.

So the night actually went very, very well. He only got up twice and went back to bed very easily. We’ll see if that trend continues.

He was so cute about the whole bed thing. He insisted on helping us put the bed together. (And in doing so, even dropped one of Matt’s allen wrenches into a screw hole on the bed post.) As soon as we had it up, we went out to let him pick out a set of sheets. At first, he couldn’t decide if he wanted blue or white. But once at the store, he went right for a perfect bright blue set.

We continually asked him if he wanted to sleep in his “old” bed (the crib) or his new bed throughout the evening and every time he insisted on sleeping in the new bed. And even when we rocked in our chair, which is now on the opposite end of the room as the bed, he repeatedly reached his little arm back behind him to point to the new bed. I think he was trying to make sure I didn’t forget!

I think our biggest challenge will be nap time, but all in all I think he was ready for this little taste of independence.


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