Send us your trash!

April 5, 2009

No, really!

If you have wrapping paper that you’ve about used up — send us the leftover cardboard tube. Or if you have a old hat that you might toss — save it for us.

Jonah is very, very into pretending! Right now, we have two old wrapping paper tubes in our living room (one is being held together by masking tape) and they are one of Jonah’s favorite play things.

So far, they’ve been used as horses to ride, snakes slithering on the floor, tubes to whisper through, spy glasses, horns, fire hoses and elephant trunks. His favorite right now is the elephant trunk — he’s so cute when he holds it up to his nose and walks around the house sniffing things.

We love that Jonah is embracing using a simple object as a plaything that has multiple uses. We’re hoping that he can continue, as he progresses through childhood and into adulthood, to think outside the box in this manner. I think it’s a skill that a lot of adults lack.

So! If you have a old cap, a big cardboard box or small piece of clothing that could be used for dress up….save it for us.


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