Good Dads

April 16, 2009

I was sitting at lunch today with Jonah and I was thumbing through a book that someone bought us when we were expecting Jonah. The title, “Tips for Dads on Surviving Baby’s First Year.”

Jonah, who has been big on asking what things are, pointed and said, “That?”

I replied that it was a book on how to be a good Dad. Then, interested, I asked him the question.

“Jonah, what do good Dadas do?”

“Talk,” he replied.

“What else do good Dadas do?” I continued.

“Play,” he answered.

I continued posing the question to him and it turns that Good Dads do the following, in order:  Talk, Play, Hug, Kiss and Hold.

He answered all of the questions so seriously, with his little arms resting on the table.

Then I asked him if his Dada was a good Dad. He nodded emphatically and said, “Do!”


One Response to “Good Dads”

  1. Teresa Says:

    What a precious moment you experienced with him today. We will see you next week!
    Nana and Popa Frye

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