So we’re about two weeks away from the baby’s due date…and I’m finally getting around to posting a picture of Jonah and The Belly. 

I think Jonah will actually miss my belly when it’s gone. Though he often talks of it being in the way (when he wants to sit on my lap), he loves to talk to it. He leans up to my belly button as though that were a direct line to the baby. 

And though I’m ready for it to be gone, I might miss the belly a bit as well. It’s pretty convenient….when it’s inside, the baby has everything he or she needs. And I get to sleep four hours at a stretch. 🙂



The Allergist Visit

May 22, 2009

On Thursday, we made the drive down to Overland Park to see an allergist. The visit didn’t take long….but we learned a lot.

We’ll soon be doing blood testing for food allergies — peanut, egg, wheat and a few others. We had thought that we didn’t need to actually do the testing, but the allergist said this was the only way to determine just HOW allergic Jonah is. And it will help us determine, as he gets older, if he will be one of the 20% of kids that outgrow a peanut allergy.

We learned that he should no longer eat any product that was even produced in the same facility as a peanut-product. The allergist said that peanut allergies are unpredictable. So one time, he could just have a few hives and the next time he could have full-blown anaphylaxis. So, we’re going to start becoming label readers!

The allergist gave us an allergy action plan, which will help us determine if Jonah needs a dose of Benadryl or if he needs a shot of the Epi Pen and a ambulance escort to the hospital. We’ll need to share that plan with anyone who watches Jonah and be comfortable with their ability to execute it.

It was definitely a dose of a harsher reality. The doctor emphasized just how dangerous anaphylaxis can be, particularly in young children. With a young child (as we just learned with Cami) their airway is tiny already…so it doesn’t take too much for it to close up completely. And then, ofcourse, you’ve got major problems.

So we’re definitely learning here and it feels good to be more knowledgeable and prepared.

Family Pic

May 19, 2009

It has been great to see Jonah and Maya become more friendly with each other of late. Maya was wonderful with Jonah at my sister’s recent graduation party. She let him borrow her necklace and even fed him cake from her plate!

She turned three in March, so she’s coming out of her difficult phase — just as we’re entering it! Hopefully, we’ll continue to see their relationship develop.

As for little Cami, she wasn’t able to attend the graduation festivities. She was actually just released from the hospital last Friday. She’d spent nearly a week at Children’s Mercy after her airway almost swelled shut during a bout with the croup. She was in the Pediatric ICU for several days. It was pretty scary — mostly for her parents. We’re all thrilled that she’s home now and recovering.


Girl Crushes

May 15, 2009

Last Friday, we went to a winery with another couple, Jeff and Sarah. We tasted wine, had dinner at a local pub in Weston and just hung out. It was a very nice evening.

We prepped Jonah by saying that we were picking up our friends, Jeff and Sarah for dinner. He has been big into saying who his friends are lately and we thought that would ease any nervousness he felt.

He spent the first part of the drive being shy. But then somewhere throughout the course of the night, Jonah developed his first crush. He is now head-over heels for Sarah.

He talks about her all the time, asking that we bring our friends along on our walk. When Matt talked to Jeff on the phone for a work thing last night, Jonah asked (as soon as he hung up) to talk to Sarah. When we told him that Matt was just talking to Jeff, he suggested that we give Sarah a call.

The best part is the little grin he gets on his face when he talks about her. It’s like this flirty little half smile. Makes me wonder what he’ll be like with girls when he’s older.

On Wednesday, Jonah and I attended a library story time. It was the final one of the season, so the teacher brought in cookies for the group. Jonah picked a cookie that I assumed was chocolate chip. Turns out it was peanut butter and chocolate chip.

It was a horrible experience for all involved — but mostly for poor Jonah. He had hives covering his body and inside his mouth, was drooling and coughing and was completely scarlet. Luckily, after some steroids and Benadryl at the hospital, he recovered within a few hours.

It struck me as so odd. (You can read more about what happened on my personal blog: I’ll be posting this afternoon.) Though our pediatrician advised against giving him peanut butter until he was two because of a very, very mild case of hives at 9 months, he’s had granola bars with peanuts in them with no problem. He’s even eaten foods cooked in peanut oil.

So now we’re left wondering how exactly to keep him safe. Research shows that the more a child with an allergy is exposed to the allergen, the more severe the reaction will be. So do we cut out all products that were produced in a facility alongside peanuts — even if he’s eaten them without problems previously? Or do we just avoid peanuts and hope that his allergy doesn’t worsen because of an occasional exposure?

We’ll be figuring all of those things out over the next few weeks, I’m certain. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern. We’re doing fine. Jonah is totally back to normal — in fact, he spent yesterday afternoon digging with great glee in his friend Alexandria’s sandbox. 🙂


Baby update…

May 5, 2009

We’re narrowing in on baby time!

As of today, we’ve got two weeks until I’m considered full term and five weeks until my due date. There’s no telling when this little one will decide to make his or her entrance.

I’ve had some contractions on and off for the past few weeks. Our midwife checked me yesterday and I’m about 1 cm dilated. The contractions aren’t bad, they just make it hard to sleep at night.

The bad news, at least for me, is that the baby has flipped over and is now face up. This means the head is resting right on my lower back and tailbone. Ugh. We’re trying a bunch of things to get the baby to flip over…otherwise, I’m in for some pretty wicked back labor.

We still don’t have boy name ideas that we like yet, so keep ’em coming. We have a short list of girl names right now, but haven’t made a final choice yet.

That’s about it. We’re entering the home stretch!

Frye’s Visit

May 5, 2009

The Fryes visited a few weekends ago and, as usual, our camera was out of batteries. Aunt Mel kindly forwarded a few photos.

Here is J hanging out with Grandpa on a nature walk:


Jonah at the Kansas City Zoo checking out some geese:


And Jonah with Aunt Mel. This is what J does when you ask him to smile for a picture. I love it!