The Allergist Visit

May 22, 2009

On Thursday, we made the drive down to Overland Park to see an allergist. The visit didn’t take long….but we learned a lot.

We’ll soon be doing blood testing for food allergies — peanut, egg, wheat and a few others. We had thought that we didn’t need to actually do the testing, but the allergist said this was the only way to determine just HOW allergic Jonah is. And it will help us determine, as he gets older, if he will be one of the 20% of kids that outgrow a peanut allergy.

We learned that he should no longer eat any product that was even produced in the same facility as a peanut-product. The allergist said that peanut allergies are unpredictable. So one time, he could just have a few hives and the next time he could have full-blown anaphylaxis. So, we’re going to start becoming label readers!

The allergist gave us an allergy action plan, which will help us determine if Jonah needs a dose of Benadryl or if he needs a shot of the Epi Pen and a ambulance escort to the hospital. We’ll need to share that plan with anyone who watches Jonah and be comfortable with their ability to execute it.

It was definitely a dose of a harsher reality. The doctor emphasized just how dangerous anaphylaxis can be, particularly in young children. With a young child (as we just learned with Cami) their airway is tiny already…so it doesn’t take too much for it to close up completely. And then, ofcourse, you’ve got major problems.

So we’re definitely learning here and it feels good to be more knowledgeable and prepared.

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