Funny things.

October 28, 2009

Two-year-olds say the most wonderful stuff…and I’ve been remiss in not documenting more of it. So I’m going to try to record some of the more amusing or sweet pieces of our conversations on the blog.

A few days ago:

J: Why do I cough?

Me: You cough to get snot and germs out of your throat.

J: Where does snot live?

Me: In your nose.

J: And sometimes in my mouth.

And a sweet one:

Me: We’re a family, we take care of each other.

J: I take care of Baby Em. I take care of Mama.

Me: Who does Dada take care of?

J: You. And me. And Baby Em.

Me: So we all take care of each other, right?

J: We take care of each other now!

Me: That’s right, J.

J: We need love. We all need love now!

And another sweet one:

J: Jonah has kitty cats!

Me: Yup. How many do you have?

J:  I need one more. (Holding up his one little finger.)

Me: You do? You have so many.

J: Need live one!

Me: Is that what you’re going to ask Santa for for Christmas?

J: Yeah!

Then, under his breath, he says to himself, “Be brave. Be brave.”

One Response to “Funny things.”

  1. Anna Says:

    Oh my gosh! So freaking cute. So…is he going to get a kitty for Christmas?

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