But if this isn’t about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen — then you’re made of stone. 🙂


December 2010

February 14, 2010

I LOVE this video of J — despite the fact that he says he doesn’t love anyone but his Dad. 🙂

Emery was laughing like crazy when I sang her “Shake, Rattle and Roll” in a really low voice. Ofcourse, she wouldn’t do it when I got out the camera. But it’s cute anyway.


February 11, 2010

Some fun photos of the kids stuffing their faces…or having their faces stuffed. 🙂

Despite (or perhaps because of) the snow storm, we had a lovely Christmas in Lawrence. Both kids got to spend considerable time with their cousins — which is awesome. They are really starting to become much more comfortable around each other. And with four kids born in just over three years, it should always be interesting!

On a side note, Maya got a whole box of dress up clothes.

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