Jonah’s Story

March 23, 2010

We’ve been sharing stories with each other for the past few weeks. Usually, Matt and I tell the stories. But lately I’ve been asking J to trade me. Meaning I will tell him a story if he tells me one. He just turned two and a half, so it’s wonderful to hear his ideas.

This morning, he shared a fantastic story with me. I decided to write it down, pretty much word for word. A few times I asked, “and then what happened?” Other than that, this is all Jonah. My personal favorite part is, “We ate while we worried.”

Jonah’s Story

Once upon a time there was a big, big strawberry. Dada and Baby Em were inside. They were eaten by a mean monster. We were home. (Mama and Jonah) The monster spit they out in that plant right there. Then they got in Daisy Mae’s mouth. We worried. We ate while we worried.

They had an idea. That they could fly out if they spread they arms out and put an airplane on they arms. So they fly. Then they got in this milk.

We were very, very sad. We cry. We cry while they in there. We cry a lot.

They made a hole and climbed out. Then they got in Baby Em’s puffs. (Her container of baby “puff” cereal.)

We cry a lot.

I don’t know how they got out. When they did, we gave they hug.

That the end of my story.

3 Responses to “Jonah’s Story”

  1. Dada Says:

    FANTASTIC – I love it! So do you think James and the Giant Peach had any influence on his story? 😉 What a wonderful little dude J is turning out to be. Sorry I missed this story.

  2. That is wonderful!! You’re right… “We ate while we worried” is a fantastic sentence!

  3. Melissa Says:

    WOW!! I think this is fantastic story J. It made aunt mel laugh!!

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