August 30, 2012

Happy Naked Baby climbing the chairs!



Like all of our kiddos at this age, Lou is continually blowing us away with her major jumps in speech, gross motor skills, emotional IQ and fine motor skills.

Today, she did two word combination, “No more” and “Wagon ride!”

She climbed up the stairs solo and shut the gate behind her.

She opened the cap on a tightly screwed on bottle. (That was fun.)

And she comforted her big sister while she was in time out. 🙂

I love the year between age one and two because so much happens. It seems like every other minute you’re turning around and exclaiming, “You?! Did that?!”

Lou is certainly our child that is most “into everything.” Every time I’m cleaning up one of her messes, I feel that I’m turning around to find her into something else. It’s exhausting…but I love her curiosity.

Her brother and sister absolutely adore her. So much, in fact, that her sister is likely to “help” her right into the emergency room shortly. Right now, she can do no serious wrong. Even hair pulling and biting are very quickly forgotten. They just love her so much.

All in all, we’re tremendously lucky. We have such great kids.