To Remember

August 24, 2015

– Loved watching Isley dance to all of her extended family singing “Happy Birthday” and all the smiles she brought when everyone watched her.

– Running with Eloise, her hair down and shining in the sunlight. Her strong legs moving her body over the pavement. She spotted a monarch butterfly, a “wild” rabbit, and a “fake” one. She said she wanted to be my running buddy someday, so I didn’t have to run with Rebecca. She held my hand and pressed it against her cheek. She talked to me about amimals and how Daisy and Benny can’t have babies together. It was so sweet and wonderful. 


Every last minute

August 3, 2015

Trying to squeeze out every last minute of baby joy!  She’s growing up so very fast. 


Water Fountain Fun

August 3, 2015


Three Daughters

August 3, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we have three lovely little girls in our lives. We’re so grateful.  



August 3, 2015

J loved the swim team this summer. Took 10 seconds off his freestyle time from the beginning of the summer!