September 3, 2015

One year olds are so much fun. Everyone in the family is enjoying watching Isley’s personality emerge. 

For example, when she wants something now, she extends an open hand and says “Ooohhmmmm.” Like a little yogi.

She says Mama, Dada, up, down, in, out, ouch, and – my favorite “Dada wuv, wuv” and “Mama wuv, wuv.” 

She points at things constantly, saying “Dat, Dat,” wanting you to tell her the name for the object over and over again.

She loves playing ring around the roses, and will grab your hands, saying “Ash, ash.” It’s so fun to engage with her. 

Also, we love to see her enjoy music. She bops, spins and – our favorite – puts her left hand out and her right hand on her chest and slowly turns around in a circle…especially when it’s a slower tune. Along those lines, her favorite book features the lyrics to “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” She brings the book to you with eager eyes, earnest. She claps and you’re hooked. 

We all enjoy how she “backs up her booty” into the lap of whomever she wants to sit with. She loves sitting on the laps of all of us, it’s almost as though her siblings are extensions of her parents. It’s great to see how happy making her happy makes them. 

She loves processes, carefully paying attention and executing. In and out. Open and closed. Put things in and take them out. She wants to be taught how to throw things away and put items in the dishwasher. It’s like she notices her youth and wants to catch up. 

Her laugh is contagious, particularly when she’s experiencing a thrill. Swing high, spinning quickly…all bring squeals of delighted. I’ll never forget her face as she watched her siblings kick soccer balls throughout the living room. She clapped, squealed and ran about- so happy to be included. 

She’s tough as nails too. Falls that would make the older kids cry don’t even phase her. Emery dropped her face down on the ground and she was quickly soothed by the breast. 

Every night I snuggle her in bed next to me. Some nights are long and sleep isn’t what it should be….but I’m always happy she’s curled up next to me. She’s brought our family so much joy.  



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