Beautiful day

October 25, 2015

Just wanted to remember a very nice day…because sometimes it seems like the brain has a better record of the chaos and the struggles. The good stuff slips away.

We went for a lovely hike in the woods. My beautiful four year old ran ahead, so bold and strong and breathtaking. My sweet six year old carrier her toddler sister in the carrier. She loved being able to take care of her. And my daring, sweet and loving eight year old boy walked beside me and alternated between holding my hand and teasing me relentlessly.

The air had a chill and all around were the colors of fall. They helped each other leap over a spring and I hoped that, maybe, they’d always look out for each other. That in each other they’d have people they can truly count on. 

After naps I watched them play football as the sky turned pink and gold. Then we sat under the silver maple, ablaze with red, yellow and auburn hues. And I took these pictures, so I could remember how at peace I felt.  I love these little people so very much. 


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