Holding Em

March 4, 2016

Tonight, after I got the littlest one to sleep, I stopped by Emery’s room to check on her. She was all cuddled up in her hammock from Costa Rica, my bear from college by her and her quilt covering her body. I hugged her and for just a second, she felt like the swaddled babe is held so tightly years ago. 

And I wept. For what I’m missing and for the me, 20 years from now, that will miss having my sweet daughter just across the hall from me. I kissed her all over. Her face. Her arms. Her sweet wrists and hands. 

She stirred just a bit. Her eyes peeked open and she cupped my face in her hands. 

“I love you so much, mama girl.”
Then she closed her eyes again and was gone. Back under the sweet covers of sleep. 

Six years old. My baby girl. 

I will forever adore you.  


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