My Lou

April 3, 2016

Just needed to share a few Eloise-isms, so we don’t forget! 

She drew me a lovely picture, but forgot – she said – to add hands and fingers. 

“I know we have hands and, you know, fingers and thumbs and stuff,” she said. 

Then she looked down at her hands, carefully, as though seeing them for the first time. 

“Unless..:I’m dreaming…”

Next one:

Today, she’s riding in the car when, out of the blue, she asks the following:

“Mom, okay, so Mom. How were there like dinosaurs…and then, they all died…and then there were people? I mean, who was the first Mom? And how did she become..if she was the very first Mom?”
Last one:

She participated in the robotics showcase today and when the interviewer asked about the part of their model that was supposed to be about their regular meetings, the interviewer said:

“So that’s kinda what your meetings looked like then?”

Eloise looked up at her like she was crazy, and said: 

“Yeah. But we’re not that little!” 




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